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The Great Basin Scottish Highland Games – The Intersection of Proud Heritage and Great Ability

The Great Basin Scottish Highland Games (GBSHG) brings the love of Scottish Highland Heritage to our community through heavy athletics. Few activities are more Scottish than the highland games, so The Northern Nevada Throwing Company has brought a chapter to our heritage-rich community.


These unique events celebrate ancestral tradition by bringing a bit of that same Scottish heritage to the Truckee Meadows area. The event competitions are sure to be like no other traditional sport. Some events are the Stone Throw, the Hammer Throw, Weight for Distance, Weight Over Bar, the Sheaf Toss, and the Caber Toss. All games require great strength, balance, and skill, making the competition an incredible sight. If the heavy lifting and throwing are not enough, the GBSHG would only be complete with the bagpipes, kilts, and whisky. Using all these abundant points of recognition, we refreshed the GBSHG brand to be rooted in Nevadan and Scottish Heritage while celebrating the strength of the games.


 Traditional Scottish crests inspire the refreshed logo and a coordinating banner display of type and animals surrounding the shield. While connecting to the Scottish culture, we wanted to ensure that this logo represented Nevada in a way that set it apart from other highland game logos. The Nevada state animal, the Desert Bighorn Sheep, is shown on its hind legs, ready for action, with details of muscles added to symbolize the strength of the athletes. The Nevadan imbuement is furthered with the Nevada state flower, Big Sagebrush, and the two shades of blue throughout. All these symbols are pulled together by the Scottish flag within the Nevada state shape that doubles as a shield. 


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