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Rebranding can be an exciting and transformative experience for any business. And when it comes to Keystone CPAs, the journey toward their new look, feel, and brand was no exception.


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Keystone CPAs have been in the industry for almost 20 years, offering various clients a broad range of accounting and financial management services. While the business had experienced steady growth, it still operated under the same brand identity developed some time ago. The time had come for an upgrade, a rebrand that positions Keystone CPA as a modern firm capable of servicing the accounting and finance needs of individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Keystone CPAs’s team understood well that the rebranding process would be fundamental to the company’s stature and growth in the industry. Everything from the company’s logo, visual identity, and messaging had to convey their vision powerfully. Here are some impactful highlights of the rebrand:


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Logo + Visual Identity

  1. Rebranding had to start with a refresh of the existing logo mark.
  2. Keystone CPAs opted to keep “Keystone” in its name to maintain continuity, as it represented stability in the client’s eyes.
  3. Redesigning the company’s logo and visual identity was critical in amplifying the firm’s position in the market. Keystone CPA’s new logo is bold and modern, featuring an architectural keystone reflective of the client’s stability and longevity and symbolizing the company’s collaborative and dynamic nature. As for the color palette, the blues and greys suggest growth, security, and stability – all the firm’s core values.

Brand Messaging

  1. To effectively communicate the changes brought about by the rebrand, the company had to ensure its brand messaging was consistent. The new messaging highlighted the firm’s focus on providing exceptional accounting and financial management services for the modern business world.

Launch Plan

  1. Keystone 360 made a noteworthy investment in unveiling the new brand, and company leaders communicated the rebrand to stakeholders, clients, and staff in various ways. The launch also included investing in new marketing materials, updating the website and social media platforms, and email campaigns to promote the new brand’s unveiling.


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The rebranding strategy set in motion by Keystone CPA created a holistic approach to defining the brand’s personality. It was integral to shifting the firm’s perception and re-energizing its culture, positioning them for future growth.

Keystone CPA’s rebranding was an excellent move and long-term strategy to promote the value proposition of the firm’s market prowess. A well-planned rebranding strategy is critical for established and growing firms that want to stay relevant and sustain a robust brand that is memorable and speaks to its audience.


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