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Pioneer Center Youth Programs Rebrand

As youth performing arts programs continue to evolve in our ever-changing digital world, these organizations should keep their brand fresh and relevant. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with the Pioneer Center for Performing Arts (PCPA) to update the branding for their youth programs.


Pioneer Center Youth Programs   Pioneer Center Youth Programs   Pioneer Center Youth Programs Bag


As a creative first agency, we were thrilled to support this division of art and help them better connect with their audience. The main goal of Pioneer Center Youth Programs is to offer top-notch educational outreach performance assemblies to K-6 grade children in northern Nevada. These performances are offered in-person or virtually at public and private elementary schools, and public libraries across Washoe, Carson, Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Mineral, Pershing, and Storey Counties.

Our task was to give the PCYP brand a refresh that was youthful, friendly, and most importantly still included their turtle mascot. Through several rounds of logos, the PCYP approved this logo combination mark.



We kept their turtle friend but reinterpreted them as a doodle. The turtle’s shell is used for protection, but also symbolizes the PCPA, a simplified version of the Pioneer Center’s golden dome building. Another requirement considered for this logo was how it would co-exist with the PCPA’s branding. We used their signature gold for the turtle shell while introducing a neutral sage green to keep the colors light, and playful. Using the PCPA’s Neutra font, we paired it with a chunky handwritten font, DarumaDrop. These choices worked in harmony with the Pioneer Center’s established branding assets while helping support a message targeted toward an entirely different audience.

We were honored to support the PCPA’s mission to provide accessibility to performing arts for individuals of all ages. With programs like Pioneer Center’s Youth Program, and Golden Encore they contribute to showing various generations the freedom of self-expression, story-telling, and most importantly, fun.

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